A Zarian Woman

The Zarians are a race that dominates The Balmoran Sector

The Zarians are humanoids similar to but not directly related to Humans.


For the Original Zarian Culture, Imagine Elizabethan England with Starships. It was like that.

Filming shakespeare

Even the costumes were similar

The Clothing style was similar to Elizabethan, but simplified. Men and women wore clothing closer to the male Elizabethan pattern, but dresses were an option for women who preferred them.


They even wore armor

The Zarians had a form of laminated body armor that was resistant to directed energy weapons, and slug throwers.

This protection proved inadequate during the Bykaler Uprising, When Bykaler simply used bigger blasters, bigger slug throwers and flamers that disgorged streams of burning plasma.

After the Bykaler Uprising, and the arrival of the USS Canberra, Balmoria re-arranged itself into something that looked like the United Federation of Planets but was more hard nosed. Imagine the United Federation of Planets as written by Tom Clancy.

This period of time is called "The Balmoran Federation". Although the Balmorians made good copies of many of the political forms of Earth and the B-UFP, they were more Zarian-Centric, and Mechanistic than Earth was. This was an improvement from the racist and imperialist Zarian Empire, but there was a lot of room for improvement.

SHeridan's Suit

Balmorian clothing borrowed a lot from 22nd Century Earth styles

The Balmoran Federation Publicly described itself as an off-shoot of the main UFP, and maintained that it was in harmony with the lionized and fictionalized main UFP.

This period ended in 2372 with Contact by the USS Discovery.


The appearance of the Main Federation and the Ozians in routine contact with the Balmoran Federation broke the tight control maintained by the Balmoran Federation President and his Cabinet. The Zarian people discovered the disparity between their image of the Balmoran Federation and the reality. They threw an implacable but peaceful revolt and dismissed the old order in favor of a more just image, centered on a local Federation council and assistance from the UFP.

Now the Zarians are avid supporters of the Federation and Starfleet's mission of exploration and peaceful contact in the region.

Kogari Region

One of the by products of the Bykaler uprising was a body ot refugees that fled into what is now the Kogari Region. Each group founding a world, and each calming to be the true Sions of the Zarian Nobility. The area was constantly reenforces by further immigration. A number of pocket empires arose. Even the Bykaler got into the act when the formation of the B-UFP drove the most intractable of them out of the area.

The whole region proceeded to play king of the hill over the useless trinket of the Zarian Throne. The B-UFP obligingly set itself up as the big bad for the games as well.

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