The USS ShiKahr is a starship that is the setting of Several episodes of ST-OM.

Her first appearance is in ST-OM Episode Number 39 The Voyage of the ShiKhar

Her last appears in episode number 54 Rondo in Green

The starship ShiKhar is a stock model Excelsior Class

Ship Name:

  • USS ShiKahr

Brief description of ship:

  • A federation Excelsior class starship (Enterprise B configuration)

Campaign role for the ship:

  • Vehicle to get the PCs into trouble.

Fleet role:

  • Medium Patrol Frigate


  • 70 years


  • 2305


  • Length : 467m
  • Beam : 185m
  • Height : 100m
  • Decks : 28

Distinguishing Marks (Odd paint job, repair scars etc.):

  • The ShiKahr has recently been upgraded to the final configuration for front line Excelsior Class starships.

Equipment Quirks and Problems:

  • The ShiKahr has been refitted from "borrowed" parts, from other classes of starships. Her hull is old, armored, and not terribly amenable to changes.

Equipment Advantages:

  • The ShiKahr has new sensors, weapons, computers and shields.


Shuttles, number, any odd ones?

The type "F" is a TOS style shuttle, recovered from the USS Defiant, and owned by Bydry

Notable Previous Crew:

  • None established at this time

Primary Power:

  • The Shikahr uses an advanced Starfleet Matter/Anti-matter reactor.

Secondary Power:

  • The ShiKahr has a robust starfleet Impulse power system.

Primary Weapons:

  • The ShiKahr has photon torpedoe tubes fore and aft, she can fire eight torpedoes in each direction at once.

Secondary Weapons:

  • The ShiKahr has type IX phaser banks in partially collimated banks covering all angles.

Service History: The USS ShiKahr was built in 2305 Li'ira and company took command of the ship in 2372.

Crew: 290, 3,000 evac.

command staff


Heavycruiser enterprise-b

On a scale of 1 - 1000 where 1000 is The Enterprise-D

  • Science capacity - 675
  • Crew Comfort - 500
  • Duration - 500
  • Medical facilities - 650
  • Tactical maneuvering - 2500
  • Strategic Speed - 875
  • Defense - 950
  • Offense - 950
  • Versatility - 185
  • Internal Security – 750


  • Normal Cruise : 6
  • Maximum Cruise : 9
  • Maximum Rated : 9.4 for 12 hours.
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