USS Loquirian CS-80 -- Tigris class Science Cruiser -- The Tigris is the diSodium replacement for the aging and slow Euphrates class. The Tigris is built to perform the job the Euphrates came to perform, the dedicated heavy science ship. Only she will do it without having a big target painted on her hull.

The USS Loquirian was Last seen in the Flappy science mission.

CO: Captain Bartholomew LaSaille Human (Ansisi) male, He is the great-gradson of Jerry LaSaille through Clarke Jafari LaSaille. He is a telepath, a requirement to Captain an ADF chip. The man's Coffee light cream looks would have horrified Jerry's parents. This is what happens when you marry into the Ansisi. Captain LaSaille is a jolly sort. A good diplomat that is idea for steering the sort of academic cargo he usually gets.

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