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What is Trek Creative

     Trekcreative is a mailing list for the discussion and creation of Star Trek fan fiction. We discuss stories in progress, your views on the Star Trek universe at large, and other issues and questions related to Star Trek and/or other Science Fiction and Fantasy subjects. Members are encouraged to post both finished stories and stories in progress they are looking for feedback on. You can also post web addresses and bios on the Trekcreative web site

The TrekCreative Mailing List is the direct descendant of the FIDO echo Star_Trek_Creative. Those interested in the discussion of Star Trek with a bent towards writing are encouraged to join the mailing list. You don't have to be a writer, anyone can join in.

Within the discussions can range from the best way to portray a character, current politics and how that relates to the presentation of the galaxy of the 24th century, to what are the social conditions in the various regions of the galaxy of Star Trek. The tone will move from lighthearted to serious and back again.

Members of the list also post stories or story parts as well as other creative work for your enjoyment and critique. No one is pushed into more criticism than they are willing to take. Ask people to be gentle, and they will. (The Feedback Scale)

This Wiki is intended to be a location where, ideas, characters, settings, places, props and background information can be shared. We have a few use suggestions in Using the Wiki

The best place to play along with Trekcreative is on the e-mail list

Things to Remember

Using the Wiki Fandom wants us to have an Official Rules page. This is it.

The TrekCreative Story Rating System.

Why we get along or Your Board, Your Wave

The Axioms of Star Trek

The TrekCreative Lexicon

The TCR Wiki Game - if you look at the e-mail list and don't see the reply you're looking for, add a page!

Members of Trekcreative

Garry Stahl

Webmaster and current moderator of the Trek Creative Mailing List.

The Olde Phoenix Inn Garry's Home Page

Kevin Van Houten

Died 2016. He will be missed.

Jay P Hailey

Fanfic writer and Moderator

Jay's web page

Steve Oostrom

Fanfic writer and commentator

USS Athena Page

James C Jones II

Fanfic writer and CGI artist

Deep Space Explorer

Michael Gray

Fanfic writer and Photomanipulator

Star Trek: Dark Horizon

Richard Merk

Fanfic writer and CGI Artist "Inimitably Superfluous"

Banshee Squadron

Allyn Gibson

Writer and Commentator

Cleve Johnson

Fanfic writer and participant

Cleve's Star Trek® fiction is located at lighttrek

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