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These categories are extremely general. They do not take into account that societies can advance at different rates in different categories of civilized advancement. There is no reason that a society must have gunpowder before discovering the Humanities for example. This chart follows the general progression of technology and civilization in Earth Western societies with speculation based on a warp drive future. That said it is the chart we have.

To indicate a society that is mostly a given tech level, but either advanced or deficient in some category a +/- sigh can be used with the anomaly noted in the notes.

Technology Level Chart


Early Stone Age

First tools, tribes, hunter gatherer.


Late Stone Age

Agriculture, communities, diversified labor. super tribes.


Copper Age

3500 BCE+ Arithmetic, writing. smelting, stone buildings Nation states.


Bronze Age

1200 BCE+ Geometry, philosophy, Empires


Iron Age

600 AD+ Algebra, square sail, water & wind mills, roads



1150+ Calculus; movable type, "gonns", three field farm system, plow, horse collar.



1550+ Scientific method, high literacy, common books, Humanities. First age of Exploration, Match and wheellock guns.


Pre Industrial

1660+ machines to make machines, accurate and portable mechanical clocks, navigation, scientific farming, flintlocks, lightning rod, barometer


Industrial Revolution

1780+ Steam, Mechanical calculators; telegraph, cheap iron, cheap cloth, percussion cap, rifled musket, repeating firearms.


Mechanized Age

1880+ Common steel, electrical machines; telephone and radio Airplanes, airships, machine guns, tanks, internal combustion engine


Nuclear Age

1940+ Fission, Mainframe computers, television.


Digital Age

1980+ Personal computers; global networks.


Microtech Age

2025+ Artificial intelligence; real-time virtuality. Fusion Interplanetary craft, slow boat spacecraft, cyberwear.


Warp Age

2075+ Dihydrogen warp drives, Nanotechnology, anti-matter. cloning Second age of exploration


Early Galactic

Dilithium, reliable transporter, universal translator. living computers, regeneration. Third age of exploration.


Middle Galactic

Replicators, end of scarcity, youth drugs, early terraforming. macro engineering.


Late Galactic

Disodium, end of aging, serious terraforming Fourth age of exploration.


Post Galactic

Dipotassium, zero point energy, soft technology, building planets, Dyson spheres


Clarke's Tech

Indistinguishable from magic.

Tesral 05:32, August 17, 2011 (UTC)

I have made several attempts to come up with a better mousetrap that is simpler than the eponymous game. So far my efforts have been totally in vain. Any chart that approaches the needed complexity cannot be expressed in a simple fashion. My first attempt gave the breakdown of Power, Transportation, Humanities, Information Technology, Medicine. That is a five number chart minimum. At that some categorizes are interdependent. Philosophy and the advance of the Humanities depends on communication, so Information technology is vital. So is transportation to get that writing around. Transportation cannot advance beyond wind and animal power until something else is invented, like steam. A sticky problem to say the least. It could well be that a similar progression is required.