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Intrepid Class Starship

General Description

Written by Bernd Schneider

First introduced around 2370, the Intrepid class is among the fastest starships of the fleet. It features bioneural computer components and a variable geometry warp field which is accomplished with folding warp pylons.

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Voyager Port Side

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Known ships

  • USS Intrepid NCC-74600
  • USS Bellerophon NCC-74705
  • USS Voyager NCC-74656

The Bridge of the Intrepid Class

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Voyager Bow View

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Underside with View of Aerowing

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Nacelle and Impulse drive shown

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2 Aft Torpedo Launcher

Intrepid Class Starship

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Starboard Side

Ship Name: Intrepid Class Starship 

Brief description of ship: A sleek running shoe of a ship.

Campaign role for the ship: To carry the PCs deep into unknown space

Fleet role: Light, multirole cruiser.

Built: 2371


  • Length : 344m
  • Beam : 133 m
  • Height : 66 m
  • Decks : 15

Distinguishing Marks (Odd paint job, repair scars etc.): None, 

Equipment Quirks and Problems:  None, out of the box

Equipment Advantages:  The Intrepid Class has the absolute latest Computers, sensors, shields, weapons and software. 

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1 Aerowing Type Runabout  2 Type  8 Personnel Shuttlecraft  2 Type 9 Shuttlecraft  4 Type 18 Shuttlepod

Primary Power: The Intrepid Class uses the latest revision of the powerful matter/anti-matter reactor.

Secondary Power: The Intrepid Class uses a robust and reliable Starfleet Impulse power system.

Primary Weapons: The Intrepid Class main strike weapon is set of four quantum torpedo launchers, 2 fwd, 2 aft. She can launch four torpedoes in each direction at a time.

Secondary Weapons: The Intrepid Class has collimated Phaser Arrays ccovering all arcs.

Crew/Passengers: 150/700

Command Staff

CO - 

XO - 

OPS - 

SEC - 


CMO - 

CSc - 


Counsellor -  

Helm -

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Enterprise-D Scale On a scale of 1 1000 where 1000 is The Enterprise-D

Science capacity - 750

Crew Comfort - 1125

Duration - 1500

Medical facilities - 750

Tactical maneuvering - 3,526

Strategic Speed - 6,000

Defense - 500

Offense - 500

Versatility - 275

Internal Security - 1000

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